Insurance Restoration

Do you need help with a Homeowners Insurance Claim, due to smoke, water, fire, or any other related issue in your home? The team at Dollar Floors is here to help. Our team consists of ex Insurance Adjusters, premier insurance construction managers, and National Flooring Insurance coordinators. What this means is we understand what is rightfully needed to make your home whole again and will work alongside of you and your insurance company to ensure you achieve like kind and quality for your flooring.

We use the Xactware software to write our insurance estimates. What this means is we are using the most recognized insurance program in the United States. In fact, your insurance company is likely using this exact same software to write your estimate. However, this program only works properly if the correct line items are used (this is where we can help).

A little about Xactware: Today 22 of the top 25 property insurance companies in the U.S. and 10 of the top 10 Canadian insurers use Xactware property insurance claims tools. Xactware features software solutions for every phase of a building's life: from remodeling to totally replacing a building, from determining the cost of rebuilding a structure to preserving and repairing a home.

We also utilize Itel Laboratories Inc. when needed. Itel provides an economical, Independent, & unbiased analysis of damaged flooring for an accurate settlement of property damaged claims. (this company will grade a sample of your existing flooring and give it a value based on current market value of like kind and quality products). This service is generally used when there is a discrepancy in the value we assign vs what the insurance company assigns.

There is no cost to you for Dollar Floors to write you an insurance estimate as long as we are also replacing your floors. If you are just looking for an estimate, this service is a starting price of $250 within our service area.